Bill’s Letter for Summer 2015

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our Summer Gala such a success, and thank you to all who came to support us. It was great to have such good weather.

People have been asking me about what is happening on the old church site. We have been waiting for the ground to settle and to try and find funds to do the work. This month should see the final gravestones put back in position after having been moved to safety during the site work.

This is the time we really need your support. The stone plaques from the War Memorial are being cleaned up and the lettering recording the names of those who gave their lives re-gilded. This is to prepare the plaques for placing in their new position on the site. This work on the plaques is going to cost £2,420 and will produce something that will show our respect for the fallen.

The stone mason who has had the stones in safe keeping is going to retire soon, so we need to get the work done as soon as possible. Please prayerfully consider if you would be willing to contribute to this cause. If you are able to give, then please contact Eleanor Plant in the church office. If you are a tax payer, and you gift aid your gift, then we can claim the tax back from the Inland Revenue. The contact details for the church office are on the back of the magazine.

The War Memorial helps us remember soldiers who lost their lives in war. It is shocking today, to be remembering the lives of innocent holiday makers, gunned down on a beach in Tunisia, as well as other atrocities: Christians being beheaded and Mosques blown up. It is important for us to be praying for peace and an end to extremist violence. We can set an example of disagreeing well. That is not to pretend that we agree about every thing, but be passionate about what we believe and still listen to and stay in relationship with those with whom we disagree.

Rev Bill Henderson

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