Film Club June 2014

Film Club – June 2014

Next Film Club : Friday evening, 13th June, 7:30pm 

“Little Shop of Horrors” (1986) PG Rating

A hit comedy-horror-musical from Broadway, this is a successful transfer to film with a bevy of big-name cameos and two perfectly cast leads: Rick    Moranis is the nerdy Seymour, who pines for flower-girl Audrey (Ellen Greene) while living in the basement of florist Mr Mushnik (Vincent   Gardenia).  Seymour buys a plant during a solar eclipse, christens it Audrey II, and discovers that it likes to drink blood! Audrey II soon grows to epic proportions and is hell-bent on world domination. The film features a fantastic musical score by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, and in addition to the two lead parts, Levi Stubbs Jr of the Four Tops provides the low-down, nasty-minded voice of Audrey II.  Cameos include Steve Martin, Bill Murray, John Candy, James Belushi, and Christopher Guest.

Free admission, tea & coffee, but bring your own popcorn!

Film shown at St Peter’s Church, Lake Lock Road, doors open 7pm



Bill’s Letter for May 2014

The first Sunday in May will see our Confirmation Service. This is when people make a public commitment to follow Christ, and receive a special prayer from our Bishop. I am thrilled that this year there will be 10 people standing up to do this.  It is encouraging and fascinating to hear about each person’s journey of faith.  For some this year, a key factor has been through being a parent and thinking about what is best for their children.  As they have thought about asking for God’s blessing and having their child baptised, it has encouraged them to think about their own faith.  As they have come to explore what they believe and experience worship, they have discovered the living God, who can enrich our every day lives.

It has been interesting to follow some of the debate about whether we are a Christian country or not.  What has emerged is a clear picture that our society is based on Christian values and laws.  While it is true that only a small proportion of our society go to church regularly, a very high proportion identify themselves as Christian.  This is  particularly true of the village of Stanley. It is of course important to emphasise the value of tolerance of other points of view without losing confidence in our own faith.

I believe that there are many people who are being nudged into thinking about what they believe about God and wondering about  coming to church. Let me encourage you to stop putting it off and come along. We are not perfect but are friendly and would love to meet you.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the first World War.  While we do not celebrate war, we do remember those who have given their lives fighting for our nation.  The day I am writing this letter, is the day we have been planting poppy seeds in three places in the village; near the Church Centre, at St Peter’s school and at Stanley Grove School.  This has been happening throughout the diocese. We said prayers that the poppies would help us remember people who had lost their lives.  We will watch as the plants grow and witness the amazing transformation of a tiny seed into a beautiful flower.


Film Club details for May 2014

Friday evening, 9th May, 7:30pm 

‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ (2011) 12 Rating

From the director of Shakespeare in Love (John Madden) and featuring an all-star British cast, this is a charming, life-affirming comedy drama about life, love and new beginnings.  Starring Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Dev Patel, Tom Wilkinson and Maggie Smith, the film follows the experiences of a group of elderly British retirees who travel to Bangalore, India, to take up residence in what they believe to be a newly-opened retirement home.  However, despite  the glossy publicity campaign, the Marigold turns out to be rather different from the refurbished luxury hotel advertised in the brochures. Nevertheless, it soon begins to reveal some unexpected charms of its own, and the friends are forever transformed by their shared experiences, discovering that life and love can begin again when you begin let go of the past.

Free admission, tea & coffee, but bring your own popcorn!

Film shown at St Peter’s Church, Lake Lock Road, doors open 7pm

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Bill’s Letter for April 2014

It is still very strange driving around Stanley without the old church as a landmark and reference.  It is going to be a while before we get used to its absence.  The Easter story reminds us of the possibility for New Life out of death: that painful loss can lead to a future with hope.

Plans are still being formulated for the site of the old church.  We will be looking at what can be done with the stone we are left with and ideas will be on display for peoples comment.

Looking to the future, there is the opportunity and challenge to continue to develop a place of worship in Stanley.  From the outside, architecturally, the church centre is clearly a school and is set back from the street so lacks visibility.  We are looking for ways to transform its identity so that it is clearly a place of Christian worship as well as a place to serve the community in other ways.

This is an opportunity to think about what is important for us, as we meet together to worship and perhaps looking at different ways from those we have used before. The church is not a building, but the people from the community who follow Christ.  We are the church when we gather to worship, and we are also the church when we scatter to our homes and places of work. We have rich symbols to aid our worship, the cross, water, lit candles, bread and wine, the bible and many more.  There is a challenge in using these symbols well to help our understanding of the living God.

The challenge of developing the Centre is for the whole community.  We want to develop a plan that will be inspiring and be one that people want to support. We will need to work with the council over getting long term security for the site. Then of course the resources to make the plans a reality. Please pray with us as we take these next steps in our life together and look forward to a future of new life and hope.


Film Club details for April 2014

Friday evening, 11th April, 7:30pm 

‘The Miracle Maker’ (2007) U Rating

This animated feature-length film uses a mix of 3D models and 2D animation to tell the story of Christ through the eyes of a child.  Originally a BBC Wales production, it showcases the voices of some of Britain’s finest actors: Ralph Fiennes as Jesus, Miranda Richardson as Mary Magdalene, Richard E. Grant as John the Baptist and David Thewlis as Judas.  In    ancient Israel young Tamar (voiced by Rebecca Callard) meets Jesus, a carpenter, whose ability to perform miracles and teachings on God draw a band of loyal followers around him.  As his popularity grows, he challenges the authority of the established Judaic religious leaders, who begin to plot his downfall. The animation is complemented by a beautifully lyrical score, written by Academy Award winning Anne Dudley.

Free admission, tea & coffee, but bring your own popcorn!

Film shown at the Church Centre, Lake Lock Road, doors open 7pm



Bill’s Letter for March 2014

For the last few years, the March magazine has been published as we begin Lent.  Once again we have an opportunity to use this month as a preparation for the great festival of Easter, with the powerful theme of death and resurrection.  A theme that we see in life around us.

We have seen the dismantling of the old church, with the main part of the building coming down very quickly.  I would like to say thank you to those who came to the outdoor service on February 9th, despite the appalling weather.  A number of people have asked for copies of the service and these are available at the church centre.  As people shared memories, we heard of a couple who had to get married in the crypt because an air raid was going on.  I later got a letter from someone who was married in 1945, but was only discharged from hospital the night before, and had to report to hospital in Blackpool on his honeymoon.  We would like to keep a record of peoples memories and photos and have some of them exhibited in church.

As the old church is taken down we are breathing new life into the church centre.  We have just been able to lay new flooring, due to the support of local funders, and the effect is a dramatic improvement. As I said in last months letter, we are looking for ways to transform its identity from a school so that it is clearly a place of Christian worship as well as a place to serve the community in other ways.  This is another opportunity for the community to work together and achieve something that we can be proud of and serve future generations.

Death and resurrection is a theme we see in nature, partly through the changing seasons, but also through cultivation.  Cutting back plants is a way of encouraging growth, as is digging out weeds and spreading fertiliser.  In our spiritual life there are many ways of applying these principles.  Cutting back can give us a positive reason for giving things up. Jesus was particularly good at spending time in prayer so he knew what to say no to.  The digging up of weeds can also be a picture of cutting out things in our life that are not helpful.

Let this Lent be a time for growth, as we ask the Holy Spirit to make us restless till we change, and prepare for the glorious celebration of Easter.


Rev Bill Henderson



Film Club details for March 2014

Friday evening, 14th March, 7:30pm 

‘Defence of the Realm’ (1985) PG Rating

Gabriel Byrne stars as Nick Mullen, a newspaper reporter for the    London Daily Dispatch who is eager for the big story that will make him a star and make his newspaper famous.  He uncovers what appears to be a simple sleaze story about an MP and despite warnings from his mentor Vernon Bayliss (Denholm Elliott), exposes the story and      becomes a celebrity himself.  Set during the Reagan/Thatcher Cold War period, Nick soon discovers that there is much more to the story than he first imagined and joins forces with Bayliss’ beautiful secretary Nina (Greta Scacchi) to uncover the truth.  Fast-paced, complex, and gripping, this is a conspiracy film on a par with the best.

Free admission, tea & coffee, but bring your own popcorn!

Film shown at the Church Centre, Lake Lock Road, doors open 7pm