Film Club – October 2017

Friday evening, 13th October 7:30pm

Three and Out” (2008)

Paul Callow (Mackenzie Crook) is fed up with city life and driving trains and when two people fall under his train in as many weeks, he really has had enough! Then he hears the ‘three and out’ rule: three fatal accidents in a month qualifies you for early retirement with 10 years salary… lump sum! Paul suddenly sees a way of clearing his debts and escaping to a better life all he has to do is find a willing victim. Down and out Tommy Cassidy (Colm Meaney) is willing to help Paul by being his third fatality, but not before he ties up a few loose ends with his ex-wife (Imelda Staunton) and daughter (Gemma Arterton). Over the course of the weekend, relationships between all four are changed forever but when Monday morning arrives, Paul and Tommy are confronted with the harsh reality of the deal they struck. Surely they won’t go through with it. Or will they?

Doors open 7pm, film start 7.30pm

Free admission, tea & coffee; bring your own popcorn!


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