Bill’s Letter for April 2016

Easter is always a special time for the followers of Christ. We have walked with Jesus through the ups and downs of his last week on earth: the excitement of the crowds welcoming Him into Jerusalem; His weeping at seeing what would happen to that city; His anger at the profiteering in the temple; then the quiet sadness of the last supper, when He knew he would be betrayed. Nevertheless He did the slave’s job of washing the disciples feet, and used it as a lesson for us to sacrificially love one another. Then he memorably gave a new message with the bread and wine of Passover, so we would have something tangible to remember Him with; followed by the sham trial and cruel crucifixion; then the world changing glory of His resurrection.

Remembering this story encourages us to think about our lives and how we live. One of the dangerous gifts God has given us is free will. We can choose how we act and how we behave towards each other. Our choices do a lot to define us as people

As I said in my letter last month, after Easter we are looking at how as a church we might live with the priorities that Jesus taught. This will help us make choices that are in line with God’s will for us as we seek to be people shaped like Jesus.

There are different important areas of life to study and think about; how we respond to each other as people; what we believe and teach; how we work together; how we pray and finally how we speak truth to those in power and seek justice. It’s quite a challenge, but this is a special opportunity to seek God together and be more effective and fulfilled in our daily lives. This is true for us as individuals and for us as a church.

The course will be launched on 10th April, when Gordon Dey who wrote the course is coming to help us. Please see the page on our website for the details of the discussion groups that will be meeting during each week. There is lots of choice, so I hope, if you are interested, there will be a time and place to suit you.

Rev Bill Henderson

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