Bill’s Letter November 2014

We are moving towards the end of 2014 already.  The clocks have gone back and the dark evenings are drawing in but we are seeing the beautiful autumn colours beginning to show as we move into the next season.

Plans are also progressing for the site of the old church.  The idea is to make it a place that people will want to come and visit; a place for reflection; a place to tell stories of Christ, the church and the community.  Plans will be on display from 17th November and there will be a drop-in day on Friday 21st November.  It would be helpful if you have any ideas to hear from you.

A theme this month is ‘remembering’.  We had the Memorial Service for people who have died recently on October 26th.  Thank you to all those who came and stayed on for tea and cakes; there was a real sense of supporting each other at a difficult time.  The Remembrance Service for those who have been killed in wars will be at 10am on Sunday November 9th.  As part of the service we will go over to the site of the War Memorial to place poppies and wreaths there.  Do come and join us.

Each of these services are different, and at each we do more than just remember.  We are bringing God into a situation that is painful. We show respect and show how we value the lives of those who have died.  We say thank you for what they have given us.  Sadly, as we look around today, the prospects for world peace are not very good.  It is truly shocking as we observe what human beings do to each other, for example the terrible actions of ISIS and others: cycles of violence that only seem to escalate.

We can be left feeling helpless but there are some things we can do.  We remember with thanks the death of Jesus; a death that was not in vain as we show each time we respond to Him.  Jesus was also the great peacemaker, and lays down a challenge for us: love your enemies; do not keep a record of wrongs; forgive one another.  We may not be able to effect world peace, but we can be peacemakers in our families and community.

Rev Bill Henderson

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